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QRL Offline Wallet Verify

Verification of the downloaded QRL wallet installation files are the next steps toward full security. This process allows you to be confident that the files you have downloaded have not been tampered with and are safe to trust for address creation.

Verify Offline Wallet Files

Follow the steps below to verify the Offline QRL wallet files.

Get QRL's Public PGP Key

pgp import

Verify the Offline Wallet PGP signed shasum file

  • Download the PGP signed shasum file for the release from the QRL security repo
  • Check the PGP signature of the shasum hashes file:
gpg --verify shasum.256.pgp.asc
This should display gpg: Good signature from "Security team"

Verify the Offline Wallet Files

  • From downloaded, check the shasum of the index of shasums:
shasum shasum.256.asc
This should match the shasum shown in the PGP signed message verified above
  • Finally, check the shasum of the offline-wallet files:
shasum --check shasum.256.pgp.asc
All files should be OK