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QRL Offline Wallet Overview

The QRL Offline Wallet Generator allows a user to create a completely offline, air-gapped QRL wallet. This allows additional security while vulnerable functions of address creation are exposed.

Users then can save the unexposed private keys to a backup medium for safe keeping. If done correctly this will never expose the keys to the internet, reducing the overall risk for that address.

The generated public key can be used to transfer QRL into the Cold Wallet helping to secure the funds contained within.

Getting Started

The Offline Wallet will run in most modern web browsers that support WebAssembly. The wallet uses the same underlying code that the main web and desktop wallets use. Main difference is this one does not rely on a network connection to access.

Download The Offline Wallet

Get the latest Offline Wallet Files at the link below.

Verify Wallet File Integrity

It is recommended that the files are verified and that the network connection is disconnected before generating a new address with the Offline Wallet Generator.

Install Offline Wallet

Installing the QRL Offline wallet is as simple as downloading some files, then opening one in a browser window.

Follow these directions to get started.

Generate QRL Address Offline

Use this guide to generate an offline QRL address after the offline wallet files have been downloaded and installed on the offline PC.