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QRL Node Update

Running a QRL node requires maintenance from time to time. Follow these instructions to update.


The overall process to updating a node is very simple.

  1. Stop the running QRL node process
  2. Update the QRL node pip3 install -U qrl
  3. Restart the QRL Node start_qrl

Stop the QRL Node

Before updating the node the process must be stopped. Below are some variations, depending on how the node is running.

QRL Node Running in screen

If you have previously started the QRL node in a screen session, enter the session and issue the ctl +c command to kill the process with the signal SIGINT

First find the screen session name with the screen --list command.

$ screen --list

There are screens on:
2933349.qrl-node (01/22/2022 12:01:02 AM) (Detached)

Reattach to the named session.

$ screen -r qrl-node

This will put you in the active node process, enter ctl +c to stop the node

2022-01-22 15:24:41,944|2.1.2 python|synced  |MainThread | INFO : Added Block #1889674 9841a7fbe388059e3ac74d7deb45940f9129164caa4e82a566b5a12f00000000
2022-01-22 15:24:48,438|2.1.2 python|synced |MainThread | INFO : >>>Received block from 1889675 82b1cbec1f9a474b9ef8ba64d34e894a20a7d24463d9a3daa371ff2701000000
2022-01-22 15:24:48,533|2.1.2 python|synced |MainThread | INFO : Added Block #1889675 82b1cbec1f9a474b9ef8ba64d34e894a20a7d24463d9a3daa371ff2701000000
2022-01-22 15:25:03,338|2.1.2 python|synced |MainThread | INFO : A TXN has been Processed 0466a57ee41c8174aeb1fd6fbd2f6ca33e6e350fb15985c23ab55df0dbc4f16f
2022-01-22 15:25:03,339|2.1.2 python|synced |MainThread | INFO : <<<Transmitting TX: 0466a57ee41c8174aeb1fd6fbd2f6ca33e6e350fb15985c23ab55df0dbc4f16f
2022-01-22 15:27:39,851|2.1.2 python|synced |MainThread | INFO : >>>Received block from 1889676 abc1d3fb94e25c45d4b0bdb1ea0190c8ce01363e1a543407c7e282a101000000
2022-01-22 15:27:39,977|2.1.2 python|synced |MainThread | INFO : Added Block #1889676 abc1d3fb94e25c45d4b0bdb1ea0190c8ce01363e1a543407c7e282a101000000

$ ^C

The node is stopped now, you can move on to updating.

Update the QRL Node Software

With the node stopped, issue the update command, which happens to be the same as the initial install command.

pip3 install -U qrl

This will pull in the latest release from and update any needed dependencies.

Once complete, you can restart the node.


State Migration

Any time there is a major update there will be a state migration the happens once you start the node.