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QRL Web Wallet - New

Creating a new QRL address is simple and straightforward. Browse to the QRL wallet at to begin.

Backup and verify the address recovery media

Ensure that you can access the address using your backup media before sending any funds into the address!

From the main QRL web wallet menu, select the "New Wallet" tab to begin.

Enter a strong password into the password field. The password must be at least 8 characters in length, and must contain at least 1 number and 1 letter

Optional Wallet Configuration

There are a few optional configuration properties that may be useful. The defaults settings are usually acceptable for most users.

Tree Height

This option allows you to create a wallet with varying tree size. In other words this controls the amount of signatures your wallet can use for transactions safely on the blockchain.

By default an XMSS Tree height of 10 provides 1024 One Time Signatures. You may chose to create a wallet with more or less OTS keys used to sign transactions on the QRL network.

The only disadvantage for creating a larger tree height is the time required to generate the additional keys. This can be configured only when a wallet is created.

Tree HeightAvailable KeysNotes
8256Allows 256 transactions to be sent from the address
101,024Allows 1024 transactions to be sent from the address
124,096Allows 4,096 transactions to be sent from the address
1416,384Allows 16,384 transactions to be sent from the address
1665,536Allows 65,536 transactions to be sent from the address
18262,144Allows 262,144 transactions to be sent from the address

If needed you can create an additional advanced slaves.json file with up to 100 slave OTS keys allowing for additional TX's using the same QRL address. For more information please see the Slave Keys docs

Hash Function

QRL can utilize multiple hash functions, depending on the setting used during the creation of the wallet.


By default the wallet will utilize the shake128 hash function if no configuration options are given.

Hash FunctionHash AlgorithmDescription
shake128SHA-3Default used in the web wallet

All of these hash functions are considered to be secure, and the default is perfectly acceptable to use

Create Wallet

After you have made your selections and entered a secure password, click the create wallet button and a new wallet will be generated. This will produce a sensitive screen once the address is created.

This screen prints your public QRL address, your Mnemonic Phrase, and Hexseed directly to your screen. Write these down somewhere safe, they will recover your wallet.

Important: Record Your Private Keys! Do Not Lose Them! {: .warning}

It's recommended to Save a Secure, encrypted wallet.json file. You will need your password to unlock this file anytime it is loaded into the wallet Don't Forget This Password!

Welcome to the Quantum Resistance!