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QRL Mobile Wallet - Open

Follow this guide to open a QRL address in the QRL mobile application.

Using the QRL mobile wallet application you can open QRL wallets that have been generated on other devices and services. You will need the secret keys of the address in order to open or recover the address, and access any funds contained in the wallet.


You will need the secret keys from the address you would like to recover. One of either:

  • QRL Mnemonic word phrase


  • QRL Hexseed

See the documentation on the QRL Address overview and secret key information.

Open existing QRL Wallet

Select the wallet tab in the mobile application menu.

This will show all of the active wallets in the app. Select the (+) plus sign in the bottom left hand corner and select "Open Existing Wallet"

Select the secret key medium you want to use to recover the wallet.

Enter the secret information on the next screen and select a 4 digit PIN to secure teh wallet with.

Give the wallet a name and select "Open Wallet" to activate the new address.

You can now switch to this address in the wallets menu. Each time you open the address you will be prompted for the PIN.