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QRL Mobile Wallet - New

The QRL mobile application allows for advanced configuration of the wallet generation parameters however for most users the default selections are sufficient.

New addresses can be created in a few different ways using the mobile application.

New Install

If this is the first time opening the application you will be presented with 3 options:

  • Create Default Wallet
  • Create Advanced Wallet
  • Open Existing Wallet

Select the default wallet option unless you have a specific need to modify the wallet generation parameters (tree height, hash function).

This will prompt you for a 4 digit pin code to secure the wallet with and a name for the wallet.

Once entered, select the create button and a new quantum secure address is created and available to use on your mobile device.

The PIN code entered will be needed anytime you need to access the wallet.


Be sure to save the secret keys to your new wallet in a safe and secure location, not on the mobile device. Without these keys the wallet cannot be recovered!

Backup mobile wallet instructions can be found here.

Add a New Wallet

You can have multiple wallet addresses on a single mobile device. In the menu, select the Wallets tab and look for the (+) plus sign to create a new wallet.

This will open the same menu as before allowing a default or advanced wallet creation as well as opening an address from secret keys.

Select the default wallet option to create a new address.

Switch between wallets

To switch between wallets, select the wallets tab in the menu.

Select the wallet you wish to interact with and enter the pin code associated to that wallet. This was setup when the wallet was created.


The wallet icon on the left hand side will activate the pin code prompt.

This will switch to the selected wallet and show any balance information and allow transactions.