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QRL Mobile Wallet - Backup

The process of backing up the QRL mobile wallet is simple and very straightforward. Each address created by the Mobile wallet will have a backup key that must be stored in a safe location off device.

This backup key will allow the address to be opened in any of the QRL wallet software and provide full access to the users funds stored within.


Never share the private recovery data with anyone! These keys have full access to all funds stored in that address.

Backup Procedure

In order to backup the private recovery media for the mobile wallet, the application must be installed on the users phone and a QRL wallet must have been created previously.


See our guide on creating New Mobile Wallet Addresses.

With the wallet application opened on your phone,

  1. Open the menu, select "Back Up Your Wallet"
  2. Select "View", confirm the risk and enter your Pin to access the private keys
  3. Write down the recovery data on suitable storage media and save in a safe place

The wallet will show the Mnemonic phrase and the hex seed. Either one will recover the address however it is always good to have a backup on the backup.


It is recommended that you test your recovery media prior to depositing any funds into an address. This ensures that access to funds is available in case something happens to the device.