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Ledger Wallet - Send

Sending quanta using a ledger device is simple and straight forward. This guide will cover the process of sending funds stored on the device to another QRL address.


  • Ledger device with QRL addresses already initialized and funded, connected to your PC
  • The QRL Desktop Application Installed on your PC
  • Recipient QRL Address

Sending Funds With Ledger

With the Ledger device connected and the QRL wallet application opened and unlocked, you can send QRL.


Follow the documentation for opening a QRL Ledger Address with Ledger devices.

From the "Send & Receive" tab there are four fields you need to fill in:

Recipient AddressQ010500c391...0b8ffd496c5f459A valid QRL address
Amount1.001How much QRL to send
Fee.001How much you are paying to make this transaction
OTS Key Index1Enter an unused OTS Key should auto-populate

Make sure everything is correct and click the confirm button. You will get another confirmation of your transaction details.

If you are happy with the transaction details, click the Sign with Ledger Button. A window will appear prompting you to confirm the transaction details on your Ledger Nano device.

On your Ledger Nano device, you can press View transaction to verify the From and To addresses, Amount(s) and Fee.

When you've confirmed these details, proceed to press Sign transaction in the desktop application.

QRL Ledger Nano Sign Transaction

Signing will take a few seconds. When complete, you will see the following back on the QRL Wallet. To complete the transaction into the QRL Network, click the Send transaction button.

You will see a progress tracker while your transaction is mined into a block. When the transaction is confirmed in the network, your Transaction History will automatically update to reflect your transaction. You can validate this using the Block Explorer

Receive QRL

You should always verify the address shown in the QRL Web Wallet matches the address shown on your Ledger Nano device. To confirm your address, click the Click to Verify button on the receive tab of the wallet.

Your QRL address will appear on your computer, and on your Ledger Nano device.

Address Verification Ledger Nano Wallet

Once you've confirmed your address on both devices, you can send your QRL address to whomever you are receiving coins from.


In the event you find the addresses do not match, you should immediately reach out to the QRL Team to report the issue @