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Ledger wallet - Plausible Deniability

One of the most exciting features the QRL Ledger application supports is the ability to create a secondary profile with it's own address space.

This function provides Plausible Deniability where a small amount of quantaquanta can be stored in one address space while the remaining balance is secured behind an additional passphrase in another address space.

This secures a users funds from any physical attacks by allowing the smaller balance to be given up while never allowing the attacker access to the second address space and remaining funds.

This second profile space allows an additional 22 QRL XMSS trees or Addresses to be created on the Ledger.

This will add an additional word to the 24 word recovery mnemonic phrase, creating 2 word lists.

  • The first being the typical 24 word Ledger recovery key,
  • The second being the same 24 word phrase plus the additional word that is setup during configuration.

To read more on the setup and configuration of the second account space see this article from the Ledger team

This feature is optional and there is no way to tell from the Ledger if you have configured this extra space. Plausibly deniable and fully recoverable secure funds!

To setup the second address space, follow The official ledger guide.

After you have secured the additional mnemonic word for the second space follow the New QRL Ledger Address Guide again to initialize the 3rd and 4th QRL addresses.