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Ledger Wallet - New

Installing the QRL App

Using the Ledger Live application, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Manager in Ledger Live
  2. Connect and Unlock your Ledger Nano
  3. Allow the Manager on your Ledger Nano device by pressing the right button when asked
  4. Search the App catalog for QRL, and click the Install button next to the QRL app.
    • An installation window will appear, and your device will display Processing...
    • The QRL App installation has completed on your Ledger Nano

Initializing the QRL App

Before you can use the QRL Ledger Nano App, it must first be initialized. The initialization process will generate an XMSS tree on your Ledger Nano device, which is a unique aspect of the QRL Network's signature scheme. This process only has to be completed once on your Ledger Nano device. Please allow up to 45 minutes for this process to complete for each tree.

To initialize your Ledger Nano device for use with the QRL App, follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure your Ledger Nano device is Connected and Unlocked.
  2. Open the QRL app on your Ledger Nano
  3. Your Ledger Nano device will show QRL (Tree 1) not ready.
  4. Scroll down and press both buttons on the Init Tree menu option.
  5. Your Ledger Nano device will show QRL (Tree 1) keygen: 001/256. This will slowly progress until all 256 keys have been generated.
  6. When this process has completed, your Ledger Nano device will show QRL (Tree 1) READY rem:256 - indicating your device has finished generating tree 1 OTS keys, and you have 256 OTS Keys remaining in this Tree.
  7. Scroll down in the menu and chose Switch Tree with both buttons. You will now see QRL (Tree 2) Not Ready
  8. Initialize Tree 2 following the same steps above. Again this process will take about 45 minuets to complete.

Generating XMSS Tree 1 on the Ledger. This will take a while, have patience. Initializing Tree 1

Your Ledger Nano device has been initialized for the QRL app, and contains 2 addresses (XMSS Trees) ready to deposit funds to. 2 addresses contain 256 OTS keys each which can be used to sign transactions on the QRL network.

QRL TreeOTS KeysAddress
Tree 1256 OTSQ00040043096...577d33e78f3c
Tree 2256 OTSQ000400c722c...e40365da6ee2