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QRL Desktop Wallet Overview

The QRL Desktop wallet provides users the ability to create new QRL wallets, open existing wallets from private recovery keys (Hexseed or Mnemonic) or wallet.json files.

The QRL Wallet is the main interaction point for most users to the QRL blockchain. This provides a portal and all of the tools to interact with the chain.


The wallet is supported across most modern operating systems and can be installed on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Best Practice

General best practice security and safe keeping.

  • Backup secret keys and or wallet files.
  • Ensure backups at rest in digital format are encrypted.
  • Ensure physical backups are kept safe from theft
  • Verify backup files are functional and open the original address prior to funding
  • Keep track of used OTS keys and never attempt to reuse.
  • Disconnect the computer from the network to generate a new QRL address offline


The security and privacy of the generated cryptographic keys are the responsibility of the end user. The QRL has been audited by multiple 3rd parties for appropriate integration of critical functions. The final piece relies on the end user.

The private keys generated by the wallet are the only way to access the funds contained in the wallet, anyone with access to them can take the funds.


Security and safekeeping is the responsibility of the end user. It is recommended that multiple backups of encrypted wallet keys are kept to ensure no loss of funds occurs.


Follow our guide on Installing the Desktop wallet for all operating systems supported.

New Wallet

The wallet will hold funds for a user and is required to interact with QRL systems.

Backup Wallet

Make sure to backup your wallet and verify the backup is functional prior to funding the address.

Open Wallet

Recovering or opening a QRL Wallet allows access to the funds and utilization of tools using those keys.

Send Funds

Using the Desktop QRL Wallet to send QRL to another address. Otherwise known as transferring funds.

Wallet Tools