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QRL Desktop Wallet - Install

The QRL offers packages for most popular operating systems like Window, Mac OS and Debian Linux. In addition the package can be built from source with instructions for most other systems.


he QRL Desktop wallet can be installed on most modern operating systems.


Using the link below to access the latest desktop wallet files, download the version that suits your computers' OS.

Verifying integrity of QRL Wallet releases


  • shasum
  • gpg

1. Download a QRL wallet

These are found on the Github releases page:

2. Download GPG public key

Either from key servers or Github



curl | gpg --import


gpg --search-keys

should yield:

gpg: data source: (1) Security team 4096 bit RSA key 14762269BFDD11F3, created: 2019-02-16

selecting key 1 will add the key to your keychain

3. Download SHASUM file for the OS/version of wallet release

4. Verify the signature of the SHASUM file

gpg --verify LINUX-x64_QRL-Wallet_1.8.1.deb.shasum.asc

Successful verification is indicated by:

gpg: Good signature from "Security team <>"

5. Check the SHASUM of the downloaded wallet package

shasum -a 512 --check LINUX-x64_QRL-Wallet_1.8.1.deb.shasum.asc

Successful verification is indicated by (in this example):

LINUX-x64_QRL-Wallet_1.8.1.deb: OK

NB: shasum: WARNING: 19 lines are improperly formatted messages are expected and are not errors: this is due to the SHASUM file being signed with GPG


After you have downloaded the appropriate package follow these instructions to install the QRL Desktop wallet


Linux users can select from either the .rpm version or a .deb package.

Install From .deb File

Using the DPKG installer that comes with Ubuntu you can simply enter the following command to install the QRL desktop wallet.

sudo dpkg -i LINUX-x64_QRL-Wallet_1.8.1_amd64.deb

This will install the package using your package manager.

Install From .rpm File

Using the RPM packaging system you can install the desktop wallet using the following command.

rpm -i LINUX-x64_QRL-Wallet_1.8.1.rpm