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QRL Token - Send

Once you have created a QRL token, the asset can then be sent to other QRL addresses using the QRL Gui wallet, API or developer tools like the node CLI.

This opens up possibilities of additional functionality being built onto the network.

Sending Tokens

Using the web wallet we can send tokens to another QRL address.

  • With an open wallet that contains some tokens select the "Send and Receive" screen,
  • Select the drop down to the right of the "Amount" field and chose the token you wish to use
  • Enter the details to send the tokens including amount and address similar to transferring QRL, and select "Confirm".
  • Progress through the following screens and wait for the confirmation.

This will transfer the amount given to the other address given as recipient.


Token transfers are not reversible, and once sent are the property of the address sent to. Ensure you have the correct address!