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QRL Token Overview

QRL supports the generation of colored tokens, allowing a multitude of functionality in addition to the typical blockchain functions.

These tokens are generated and sent in separate transaction types (RelayTokenTxn and RelayTransferTokenTxn) allowing additional versatility as they are not tied to any QRL funds and can be transferred interdependently from an QRL coins.

Create Tokens

The project provides a GUI to make creating tokens simple. Generate a new token using the QRL wallet interface via the web wallet, desktop wallet as well as through multiple API's and command line tools for more advanced usage.

There are various fields and information required to create a token transaction:

Owner AddressAddress shown to be the owner of the token, different from the initial token holding addresses
Token SymbolUser defined Token symbol, max length 1010 bytesbytes
Token NameUser defined Token name, max length 3030 bytesbytes
DecimalsAmount of decimals supported for the token, max 99 or (109)(10 ** 9)
Holder BalanceArray of initial token receiver's address and initial balance, limited to 100 QRL addresses
Token Creation FeeInitial token creation transaction fee set at the default 100100 shorshor
OTS Key IndexThis function will auto increment the OTS key from the last used. Otherwise a specific OTS Key can be used for this token transaction.

This section covers the GUI interface through the web wallet tools section.


For automated token functionality, including using slave OTS keys to generate and send see the API Documentation as well as the QRL Command Line Documentation

Send Tokens

Tokens can be transferred between addresses on the QRL blockchain. These tokens can be split into derivatives and fractionally split as well depending on the initial criteria set during the token creation.

Tokens are tracked by their creation transaction hash and may be transferred between addresses, paying only the transaction cost to send them around.