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QRL - Notarize Data

Notarizing data on the QRL Blockchain can be accomplished in a few different manners. For the scope of this document we will use the QRL Web or Desktop wallet for this function.


See the QRL API guide for more information on sending QRL Notarization on-chain through automated processes and tools.


  • QRL Wallet with available OTS keys and funds to cover network fees.
  • A document in it's final form to be notarized

With these few things we can get started.

Document Notarization

With an open QLR wallet application, either the Web wallet or Desktop wallet will provide easy access to the notarization tools.

  1. Open the QRL Address that you wish to use for the notarization using the Addresses backup recovery media
  2. Select the "Tools" then "Notarize Document" tabs to access these tools.
  3. Chose the file you want to notarize, add any additional text for the file and select the "Notarize Document" button
  4. Confirm the details and send the transaction onto the network.
  5. Take note of the Transaction Hash from the notarization. Using this tx_hash in future lockups will allow verification of the notarized document.