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QRL Explorer Transaction Lookup

A transaction can be looked up by providing the transaction hash to the QRL Explorer search bar, or clicking on the txhash in a block or address lookup.

This lookup gives detailed information on the transaction and will vary depending on the type of transaction.


A transaction hash is a hexadecimal string that is unique to that transaction. Example txhash - 269f1f53a87dcaa87aa27ca6abf945109abf5d11cf28a6e3f9dae6bc73a2e606

For a detailed list of transaction types and their usage see the developer documentation

At the top of the transaction search screen is a list of general information related to the transaction that was queried.

Confirmations : Example -2579730 confirmations - Number of blocks that have been confirmed since the transaction was minted

Block : Example -15 - Block number from the transaction

Nonce : Example -16 - Nonce the transaction used

OTS Key : Example -12 - The One Time Signature Key used from sending address

Fee : Example -0.0005 Quanta - Amount of QuantaQuanta that was used to submit transaction

Size : Example -19 Bytes - Size of the transaction in the block

Status : Example -OK - Status of the sent transaction

Time : Example -6:16 26 Jun 2018 - Time the transaction was sent and minted onto the chain

Transaction Information

Detailed transaction information is shown below for the transaction that was queried. This includes the type of transaction, sending QRL address, receiving QRL address and amount sent for a typical transfer.

The Large amount sent will also show a value in USD underneath, this is the current estimated value of the amount of QRL transferred, not the historical value at the time of transfer.

Additional information is shown in the meta tab, this is the detailed information that has been simplified and presented in the page above. Most of the time there is no need to view this data, however there is no sensitive information contained within.