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QRL Explorer Block Lookup

To lookup a block on the chain, simply enter the block number into the search bar at the top of the QRL Explorer site.

This will return all relevant information from that block as found in the immutable blockchain. This information will be the same no matter which node is queried as the chain came to consensus when the block was minted.

Block Information

At the top of the page will be general information about the block, when it was minted and how many transactions are contained in the block, at least one transaction will be found for every block called a coinbase transaction. This is the payout to the miner that minted the block.

InformationExample DataNotes
Transactions2The number of transactions contained in the block
Timestamp06:16 26 Jun 2018When the block was minted on the chain
Epoch0what epoch the block was made in, increases every 100 blocks
Size2.976 KBThe total size of the block
Reward6.656333953 QuantaAmount of QuantaQuanta given as a block reward to the miner
Mining Nonce2781151944Nonce that was used for mining the block


Below the information will be a list of all transactions contained in the block queried. This information table is broken into multiple columns.

Type : The type of transaction sent

Amount : Amount of QuantaQuanta

Fee (Shor) : Fee paid for transaction

From : From qrl address

To : To qrl address

Txhash : Transaction Hash for given transaction

Meta Information

Below the table will be a drop down that provides additional meta information related to the block, and all of the transactions contained within.

This data is what the node returns and is what is used to provide the user friendly information printed above.