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QRL Improvement Proposal (QIP)

QRL Improvement Proposals (QIPs) are open proposals put forward to improve the QRL core-protocol and other components of the QRL system.

During the process of drafting a QIP, but before the proposal is fully opened, there’s some preliminary discussion held on its specification, implementation and general merits. Some QIPs which are identified as contentious from review of these discussions and community sentiment, will be further put to a vote. Voting is an important aspect of democracy and a way to ensure that the will of the people, including the person reading this, is part of the decision that governs the direction of QRL.

Encouraged ways of participating

Participate in discussions: The more voices there are in a debate, the more opinions being voiced, the better the understanding of the issue at hand. Your voice also carries weight by having a chance to change peoples minds on the way in which they were to vote.

By being informed: Read this synopsis, but don’t stop there. The synopsis only tries to maintain a the body of discussions that have taken place. Continue to read the opinions of others and research into things you’re unsure about.

Finally, Vote: Every vote counts. Don’t feel discouraged if you see the vote going another way & be vote anyway!


The QRL Improvement Proposals (QIPs) repository handles proposals to improve the QRL core protocol and other layers that effects most or all QRL technical implementations.

It covers the following layers

  • core: Improvements requiring a consensus fork.
    • networking: Improvements around network components
    • security: Improvements and upgrades to to the security.
  • meta: QIP process, governance, and structure.

For proposals that don't effect most or all of QRL technical implementations, such as client implementations (eg. wallets, explorers), as well as non-technical related proposals (design, advocacy), but where consensus is required, there is a QRL Enhancement Program (QEP) being developed over at The QRL Contributors modeled after QIPs.

Governance & Structure

Anyone can and is encouraged to submit a QRL Improvement Proposal (QIP) if they have an idea to improve the QRL core protocol.

Once an idea is put by the community, the QRL Improvement Proposal (QIP) starts and remains as a draft until it's to the point where the authors are happy with it (such as where it will likely gain widest acceptance) and which is sufficiently specified to the satisfaction of the QIP custodians Jack Matier (@jackalyst), James Gordon (@fr1t2), and JP Lomas (@jplomas).

At this point the QIP enters a proposal, and parameters are set for on-chain governance. More can be read in our qip-workflow document.

How to submit

Please see the qip-workflow for a detailed submission process guide.

Other important documents include:

Special thanks

QRL Improvement Proposals (QIP) have been heavily influenced by Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) and Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPs), with some modification in areas to fit the needs of the QRL project.

A special thanks goes out to Ethereum and Bitcoin for being so seminal to blockchain and decentralized governance.