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QRL Docker Overview


This repo contains images used by QRL build processes.

Each branch contains configuration specific for each platform. The Dockerfile can also be used as a reference of our recommended installation steps.

Example usage

(requires Docker to be installed)

  1. Pull docker image of QRL node in Ubuntu 18.04 container:

    docker pull qrledger/qrl-docker:bionic

  2. Run a detached container:

    docker run -d --name=qrl-node qrledger/qrl-docker:bionic

  3. Start the node:

    docker start qrl-node

  4. See the console logs:

    docker logs qrl-node

  5. Generate an encrypted wallet (-i and -t flags to interact with terminal)

    docker exec -i -t qrl-node qrl wallet_gen --encrypt

Windows user?

Use PowerShell run as an Administrator before running the Docker CLI commands.