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QRL Address Mnemonic

A mnemonic phrase is a list of words that cryptographically represent the seed when compared to a given word list and passed through an algorithm.

The QRL uses this wordlist to generate mnemonic phrase that represents a QRL addresses secret keys.

Depending on where these words are in the list assigns a unique number to each word. When passed through an algorithm they produce the same SEED used to generate a XMSS tree.

The Mnemonic is a user friendly way to represent the hexseed and is less error prone than a hexseed when a user is presented with backing up and storing key information.

Example mnemonic phrase

aback drank swap fence strait donor script form imply eerie invade brave fan legend tape evil higher ride mortar tricky expect gentry scare retire remark gritty wolves repeal weary gray peak blew tsar pipe

This phrase can be entered into the wallet software and will allow full access to the funds contained in the address.