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QRL Address Hexphrase

A QRL Address's secret key can be represented in a Hexphrase, or in a hexadecimal format. This key is the seed to generating the XMSS tree that correlates to the QRL public address.

Example Hexphrase


A secure source of entropy is used to generate a SEED which is passed through a secure PRF function to generate a set of pseudorandom keys which generate the XMSS tree.

An XMSS address is derived from the public key, PKPK, which contains the Merkle root, and public SEED.

If the SEED remains constant but the number of OTS key pairs to compute the tree varies then the Merkle root will change for each variation. Thus for every single addition or subtraction of a single OTS key pair the derived address will change.


Hexphrase information is secrete and will allow anyone that posses it to access all funds and assets contained within the address.

Keep the Hexphrase safe!