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QRL API Overview

The QRL API's are the developers portal into the inner workings of the Quantum Resistant Ledger's blockchain. These API's allow developers and advanced users access to core functions and information from the blockchain.


While there is no authentication required to interact with most of the QRL's API's, you will need access to an API service IP and Port of a node running on the QRL network.

Best practice is to run your own QRL node.


The QRL API is organized around gRPC (Google Remote Procedure Call). GRPC uses protocol buffers for serializing structured data. Every function requires an object as parameter and returns another object as response. Our qrl.proto file lists the different objects as messages in two categories, request (Req) and response (Resp).

More information on GRPC can be found in their official documentation

QRL Public API

The core QRL API responsible for all core blockchain functions.