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This is the old migration guide and is no longer applicable!

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Token Migration: Introduction

The token migration takes place in 3 steps.

  • Getting a QRL Address and saving it.
  • Using the QRL Address from step 1, generate an ERC20 Burn Address.
  • Send your QRL ERC20 token to that burn address, where it will be exchanged 1:1 for Quanta and deposited at Genesis (which is block 0 of mainnet).

Step 1: Create a QRL Wallet

Go to https://wallet.theqrl.org

  • Create a new QRL wallet and save it
  • Save a wallet recovery method
  • Open your wallet
  • Copy your NEW QRL Address

Step 2: Generate Burn Address

Using the QRL address generated, create a new burn address. Go to migration.theqrl.org

You can optionally enter an email address to receive periodic notifications confirming your cumulative transactions.

After hitting submit you will get an ethereum burn address, save it. This is the address you will send your QRL tokens to.

Step 3: Burn QRL ERC20 Tokens

Send a few tokens to test the newly created burn address from step 2.

Anytime you send QRL ERC20 tokens from anywhere to the unique, reusable ERC20 burn address, it is converted 1 for 1 and held until Genesis

You can verify your test transaction and check on the pending migration balance by clicking on the check burn address and entering in your QRL ERC20 burn address

Each ERC20 Burn Address is unique. You must create your own individual burn address.

Still stuck? There's help over on Discord!