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QRL Token Migration Guide


From June 26th, 2018 to June 15th, 2019 there was an automatic token migration guide where people were able to generate their own ERC20 burn address and send QRL (ERC20) to and have QRL (mainnet) arrive in their mainnet address in 24 to 72 hours. After June 15th, 2019, this automatic token migration is no longer possible.

New token migration instructions

  1. Step 1: Email support@theqrl.org with a QRL mainnet address (QRL addresses that start with a Q).
  2. Step 2: Support (via support@theqrl.org) will evaluate whether to migrate and respond to the user with an ETH ERC20 burn address.
  3. Step 3: If applicable, send QRL ERC20s to the ETH burn address sent via email.
  4. Step 4: QRL mainnet address provided in the first email will be sent Quanta at a 1:1 ratio to ERC20s burnt.
  5. Step 5: User will now have 1 Quanta in their QRL address for every 1 ERC20 they sent to their burn address


If you’re confused or would like help with the process, do send an email to support@theqrl.org where a support representative will help you or head over to our discords #support channel.

Still stuck? There's help over on Discord!