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QRL Wallet App

This is the QRL wallet application developed by The QRL team, and hosted on

It provides both web and desktop interfaces using Meteor, Semantic UI, NodeJS and Electron.

All secure XMSS operations are run in a web assembly compiled version of qrllib locally in your browser or desktop application. Keys stay in the memory space of the XMSS object, which is destroyed the moment you close the wallet, browser window or desktop application.

Development Dependencies

The following dependencies are required for a functional local development environment.

If you are using windows you will need to install a few extra packages.

Windows Only

Install Required

# Install qrl-electrify

npm install -g qrl-electrify


Instructions and information for chimp can be found over at the chimp github

# Install chimp

npm install -g chimp

Install Windows Only Required

Build Tools for Visual Studio 2017

Windows Only - node-gyp

npm install -g node-gyp

Install qrl-wallet

git clone
cd qrl-wallet
meteor npm install --unsafe-perm
cd .electify
npm install
cd ..

Run Meteor


Run Tests

Note: meteor must already be running for this to work!

chimp --ddp=http://localhost:3000 --watch --path=tests

Run Electron Client


Package Electron Client

mkdir .electrify/.dist
electrify package -o .electrify/.dist/

Still stuck? There's help over on Discord!