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QRL Core Library

PyPI version npm version Codacy Badge Build Status MIT licensed

This library currently exposes the following functionality:

  • XMSS, XMSS_fast
  • Shake128, Shake256, SHA2_256
  • Hashchain seeds, etc.
  • Helpers: seed generation, address generation, mnemonics

Platform support

  Linux OSX 10.12 Windows 10
Python 3
Webassembly (JS)
Golang 🌱 - -



# Install Dependencies
sudo apt -y install swig3.0 python3-dev build-essential cmake ninja-build pkg-config

# Install pyqrllib
pip3 install pyqrllib


OSX requires some additional dependencies. These are much easier to get by installing brew.

# Install brew with
/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" 

This will prompt you through a few questions while it installs. You can also follow these instructions here:

Now install some dependencies

brew install cmake python3 swig
pip3 install pyqrllib

Golang and Java wrappers are currently experimental (By default they are disabled in cmake)

brew install go --cross-compile-common


Golang and Java wrappers are currently experimental (By default they are disabled in cmake)

brew install go --cross-compile-common

Building from Source



For the purposes of these instructions the following were used:

  • Build Tools for Visual Studio 2017
  • CMake 3.10.2
  • Ninja 1.8.2
  • Python 3.6
  • SWIG 3.0.12

Also c:\src was used for source files and c:\opt for other dependencies, adjust accordingly if choosing differently.

Note: You can use Microsoft MSBuild instead of Ninja Build by setting environment variable

CMAKE_VS_GENERATOR=Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64

However if you choose to install the pyqrllib package Python setuptools currently will not install it correctly.


Package Required Notes
Visual Studio Build Tools for Visual Studio select the ‘Visual C++ build tools’ option
  Visual Studio Community Edition select the ‘Desktop Development for C++ workload’
Git Git for Windows keep the default option to use git from the command prompt
CMake CMake x64 for Windows Make sure to add CMake to system or user PATH
Python 3 Python 3 Windows x86-64 Add Python 3.x to PATH Optionally change the install location to c:\python36, install the debugging symbols/binaries, Disable the path length limit.
SWIG SWIG (download swigwin) and extract archive to c:\opt
Ninja Build Ninja Build extract ninja.exe to c:\opt\bin

Build Qrllib:

git clone c:\src\qrllib
cd \src\qrllib
set PATH=c:\opt\bin;c:\opt\swigwin-3.0.12;%PATH%
set CC=cl.exe
set CXX=cl.exe

python build

If the build succeeded you can perform further steps, issue the command python --help-commands to see other options, e.g.:

python test
python install

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